About JetSense.ai

JetSense is the leader in AI-driven digital communication and customer support solutions. Using chat bots built with proprietary AI technology and our college-educated human agents, we create hybridized messaging solutions that facilitate scalable support while cutting overall costs.

Unlike competitors, we use our algorithms to create brand-specific Super Chat Bots that grow more intelligent and responsive over time. These bots help you engage your customers in a way that’s convenient for them— whether it’s live chat, SMS text, or Facebook Messenger.

We also go beyond traditional support solutions by providing our clients with predictive analytic capabilities that influence more data-driven decision-making. Whether you want to increase engagement, widen your funnel, or improve marketing strategy, we use your channels of digital communication to access untapped sources of revenue, insight, and innovation for your brand.

Our Mission

Provide the world with easy-to-use customer experience software that combines technology and human interaction and gives time back to our clients and their customers their time back.


Our Vision

To be a leader of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement AI-enabled customer communication, loyalty, and experience platforms.

Our Values

Keep it simple
Treat every customer as a friend
Innovate to improve lives
Act with passion and purpose
Maintain transparency

Meet the team

Eric Kades

Eric Kades


Eric Kades uses the latest in AI and messaging platforms, combined with his extensive experience in the call center industry, to reimagine the way schools and businesses engage with target audiences.

He is the CEO and founder of JetSense.ai, a provider of bespoke communication solutions with a focus on chatbot creation, data analytics services, messaging technology, and customer support.

JetSense uses proprietary AI technology to provide clients with brand-specific chatbots, backed by human support, and sophisticated data analytics services. JetSense is rewriting the playbook on customer service and engagement with its message-based solutions.


Jeff Izes

Jeff Izes


Accomplished Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Leader with 25+ years of demonstrated ability to build, staff and optimize Omni-Channel Contact Center Operations across the Healthcare, Utilities, Technology, Travel and Tourism, Finance and Education Industries. Clients include IBM, Great West, American Medical Security, HealthLink, WellPoint, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, The El Paso Electric Company, The Hawaiian Electric Company, Allegiant Air, SICOM Systems, Flagship Credit Acceptance, Company Voice, The City of Philadelphia, Cowan Systems, Cadence Education, and PresenceLearning.